“International high 5: personal career’s portfolio”


       Project titled “International high 5: personal career’s portfolio” is a strategic partnership linking schools from 6 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Greece and being expected to last for 2 years. The main aim of the project is to develop by teachers a common format of Careers Portfolio for youth (14-19 years of age) along with the cycle of practical workshops and creative tasks, to be carried out in school. The youth, participating in various activities and practical international workshops (in a local school and on international meetings), will have the opportunity to gain new experiences, which will be described in the Portfolio Career. Project tasks will focus on deepening self-awareness of young people (discovering talents, professional skills, internal demotivating factors, reflection on the self development) and providing with the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in the context of planning career development path.

The task of teachers in this project will not only be to develop the format of the portfolio (to determine the form, content and evaluation while respecting the individuality of each student), but also to create interesting and involving workshops to portfolio, which in the future will be at other teachers and students' disposal. Teachers will also participate in the discussions and workshops concerning the need to make changes and approaches to working with youth, the need for continuous training and the issue of burnout. One of the key aims of the project will also be to develop skills related to social/economic entrepreneurship and the use of modern communication technologies. As part of the project there will be held one transnational project meeting in Poland in November 2014 and 6 youth exchanges together with the teachers during which the participants will learn unique solutions connected with professional counseling in visited countries and solve portfolio tasks.